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Hi there 👋

I am Raghav Sikaria, currently pursuing MS in Computer Science at New York University here in New York in United States. I have 4 years of professional experience at world's biggest banks - Goldman Sachs & Societe Generale. I am into Software Engineering and everything Data. My passion in finance led me to clear the CFA Level 1 examination also. I am currently looking for internship opportunities for the Summer of 2023 - in any domain!

My Projects & Blogs

Ever since the COVID lockdown began here in India, I have blogged religiously on Machine Learning algorithms and taken up quite a few projects. Here are direct links for some of them:

Project Project Repository Project Writeup/Blog
NIFTYBANK - Time Series Analysis, Prediction & Hyper Parameter Optimization Repository Blog
Portfolio Allocation & Efficient Frontier Generation Repository Blog
Applying t-SNE to NIFTY50 Stock Day snapshot and visualizing all iterations using Bokeh(Python) - JSCallBacks & User Interactivity Repository Blog
Visualizing Correlation Matrix using Bokeh(Python) - User Interactivity and JSCallBacks Repository Blog

And for covering underlying Mathematics in ML Algorithms, I have started my Know The Math series of blogs. Till now I have covered:

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