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How can I go about applying machine learning algorithms to stock markets?
10 votes

One basic application is predicting financial distress. Get a bunch of data with some companies that have defaulted, and others that haven't, with a variety of financial information and ratios. Use ...

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Option pricing before Black-Scholes
7 votes

Ed Thorp is of the opinion that he could price options properly before Fischer and Myron: link here (doc) Sounds like he was using a risk-neutral approach

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What are your opinions on WEKA KnowledgeFlow, Rapidminer, and other rapid development environments for machine learning?
4 votes

The real contenders for a desktop based tool are RapidMiner and R. If you like Windows or Mac, you will like RapidMiner. If you like command line or Linux, you will like R. I would say RapidMiner has ...

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