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How were High Frequency Traders able to front-run in this example from Flash Boys?

I am re-reading Michael Lewis' Flash Boys book, and I have a question about how a High Frequency Trader was able to front-run an order in a particular example mentioned in the book. On page 78, ...
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For a trade to occur, should the ask price EXACTLY match the bid price, down to the last decimal point? [closed]

I had a doubt when going across the ways in which a trade happens. I have read that fora trade to happen, the buy order's price (bid) must match the sell order's price (ask). Now, what happens, if ...
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Using market microstructure and exchange-specific knowledge to design trading strategies

I stumbled upon this job offer for Microstructure Performance Researcher and I didn't understand the parts below. ( The parts ...
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Do online brokers offer access to Electronic Communication Network?

I wonder which online broker offer access to Electronic Communication Network (ECN)? It does not look like individual can register with ECN.
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RegNMS, National best bid/offer and Smart Order Routing

I read Flash Boys when it first came out. If memory serves correctly it said US exchanges are required to forward received orders to another exchange if it has better prices, to achieve the best ...
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Is there a difference between crossing network and ECN

Is there a difference between a crossing network and an ECN? The wikipedia page for Crossing Network says that ECN is a type of crossing network. But crossing network has the smell of a semi-legal ...
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FIX- what exactly do repeating groups represent?

I am trying to find out what is the purpose of "repeating groups" in FIX and what exactly do they represent? Are they all related to the same order and if so, why do you need repeated tags? If they ...
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Where can I get real-time equity options quotes for a reasonable price (i am not a company) besides screen scrapping Yahoo! Finance? [duplicate]

Want to have electronic access to equity options quotes in real-time. Is there anyone offering this service to the individual investor for a reasonable price? Again it must be electronic, in other ...
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9 votes
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Why would a trader quickly flicker an order immediately preceding a tick away?

The Setup Assume the inside market is $15.15 \times 15.16$ and there is a very large bid order imbalance. For example, 30,000 shares bid across 100+ orders, 200 shares offered across 1 order; however,...
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With there being such a high demand for electronic trading or just trading in general why are market hours so limited?

I am curious why a lot of market hours are something like 9 to 3 or 9 to 4 pm when there is such demand and so many prop shops and more out there. I know certain markets are continuous trading but a ...
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What is a good source to learn the different nuances of electronic orders and their nature?

Today I was speaking with someone involved in high frequency trading. They were mentioning hidden orders, queue positions (which can be lost in the orderbook based on certain order modifications), ...
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