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Designing scanning logic of past history for probability of common market pattern re-occurrences in single timeframe

How should I go about designing algorithm that would collect VWAP from all "candles" in a timeframe and determine common patterns like the once in the image. I'm not sure if the logic design ...
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What's the explanation behind technical trading? [duplicate]

To begin with, pardon my amateurish question. I'm not into trading whatsoever, hence the following text doesn't represent practical expertise, it's based upon a train of thoughts and various sources I'...
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Why doesn't the candlestick bodies align to open/close?

Studying some candlestick theory, I'm repeatedly confronted with pictures where the previous (or subsequent) open/close bodies does not align with what is found before (or following after). This is ...
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Which is best chart for intraday trading & how to use it? [closed]

I have new learner & want to make trading as my full time work. I read some articles on charts, that helps to buy or sell shares. Pls tell me, how to read charts & buy or sell shares using ...
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7 votes
4 answers

Scan for chart patterns software

Is there any software out there that currently would allow you to scan historical charts and look for a specific pattern and then show you that pattern for a list of stocks. Google finance and yahoo ...
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2 answers

Does the correlation of matrices have explanatory power when building a pattern recognition model?

I'm using 8 different variables (with daily observations) with the purpose to compare different months across the historical data. For that purpose I calculate the correlation between each month and ...
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10 votes
2 answers

How to determine if one player moved a price

I'm trying to understand what caused certain price movements (aren't we all!) in per-minute data for major NYSE stocks. In particular, I'd like to determine whether a given price movement of X% in ...
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How to encode trading strategies mathematically

If you have a bunch of different econometric data (e.g. indexes, FX, commodities, interest rates...) you can try to find a formula to see if there is any relationship in the data - e.g. to forecast ...
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Is there something like opportunistic "superstitious" trading?

This sentence in the following paper got me thinking: "Some traders [...] trade every pattern whether proven or not, expecting authentic ones to produce positive results, whilst the profits and ...
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